[KORE] “Keepin’ Our Roots Eternal”

As a Korean American, it was hard to keep a balance between the privilege of being born in America and being raised by traditional Korean parents. As a first generation, born in Los Angeles, I went to predominately white institutions and “being Korean” wasn’t the coolest thing on the block. I grew up in Beverly Hills and was told by my friends that I could only be Mulan as a Disney character and could only have a crush on the same race (and there was only one other Asian in my elementary – he’s name was Ben).  I thought I had to be more “American” (whatever that meant) but growing up, I started listening to K-pop and watching K-drama.  Moving to a more diverse junior high and high school, I realized it’s important to stay connected to your roots.

Since the 1990’s, the Korean wave has gained great popularity globally. The Korean wave came through K-dramas and K-pop and now sweeping streetwear brands. [KORE LIMITED] is a streetwear brand launched during the Korean Wave and is continually to make a splash with collaborations with entertainers like BeWhy and Lia Kim, even with a well-known tattoo artist, DokGo.

K-dramas (with English subtitles) and K-pop is definitely sweeping our nation’s popularity and even hitting the Billboard charts. With that said, K-streetwear was specifically popular in K-CON and other k-pop concert venues. You probably saw some artists rocking the tees, jackets, or dad hats during their performances. Not only can you rock it with a pair of jeans, but with your crew or your significant other.


One of my favorite collaboration was the WCSP x KORE collection. The custom pieces rooted back into the Korean culture and history:

KDH tee (1950’s) & 7080 Camo oufit (1970’s/1980’s).

KDH, or Kim Duhan, was an iconic figure to many Koreans, especially during my father’s generation, “similar to how some people might view Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan”. It’s great to know that others are getting educated of Korean history and culture to fully understand the Korean wave. Definitely, KORE stays consistent on-brand by “keepin’ our roots eternal.”

These limited custom sets implemented Korea’s post war camo military uniform for students in a very modern and trendy way. Personally, these are my favorite pieces because each camo print was hand-drawn on and printed with great preciseness (plus, it’s super comfy). You can also mix and match these pieces.

stay rooted,

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