Be who you are & be that well. 
When you are truly comfortable in your own skin, you can truly love yourself. 

What I struggled the most with was that I focused too much on being loved rather than loving myself. In this generation we live in, which narcissism is a social component of our every day life, we lose focus on what is truly important. We take selfies and try to capture how awesome the post would look rather than enjoying the moment. We get easily influenced by colored hair and fashion trends we don’t feel comfortable with (look, I’ve been there and done that). Once you truly embrace yourself and do the things you love, you’ll find your own voice. When you find your own magic, you’ll be happy with who you are rather than who you think society wants you to be.

Find joy in the things you love and actually enjoy what you are doing, what you are wearing, and who you are with.

A tulip doesn’t struggle to be a rose. A tulip knows it’s differences and how it is unique. It doesn’t try to be a rose because it embraces its true color. Don’t struggle to be someone else because you are truly one of a kind. Believe and own it.

You are a krystal, impacted and created into beautiful dimensions of your own. Krystals grow inside of them geometric flowers that blossom into unique, one of a kind imperfect gems. #krystals



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