Let’s spring forward to makeup trends this season, Spring 2017.

find these colors @colourpopcosmetics






This spring season heavily focuses on orangey golds and pink shimmers with subtle messages of soft femininity. You can find makeup brands with similar color schemes of orange and pink hues. @Colourpopcosmetics has three focused main themes: sand, pink, and nectar (my favorite).

Deep burgundy like wine stained lids are definitely in this season. As well as full colored lids, metallic or bold colored eye liners are definitely in trend. A little eyeliner goes a long way.

This statement look is perfect for the spring to complete a look with some boldness.

This spring season for fashion focuses on pastels. This duo combo compliments this spring season fashion colors like: mint, pale pink, lavender, and lemon.

When in doubt, go for the natural “no make-up make-up” look. I usually go for the no make-up look on a daily basis. If you need more make-up inspirations, stay tuned for www.makeup.com: http://bit.ly/2n1n2XL. I’ll be posting makeup tutorials for my go-to products and color schemes soon.

Stay beautiful. #krystals


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