As you guys all know, I love to try new restaurants especially when I travel. I have tried a few good restaurants from my prior trips to Seoul (I’ll write a blog post on that very soon) but I wanted to highlight my favorite restaurants this trip. I haven’t included the restaurants that I didn’t enjoy. I was not sponsored in any way and these are my honest reviews on these restaurants.

  1. Bo Reum Sae – Jeju Premium Beef Restaurant (One Michelin Star Restaurant) – $$$

Our table spread had two different kind of salads, raw scallops, and beef tartar. We ordered two soups on the side and both were delicious but definitely wasn’t the selling point. For two people, it cost around 185,000 wons. The waitress will refill your onion plate so you can eat it with the beef. We ordered two different kinds of meat and my favorite was the left one (pictured below).

Premium Beef (left); Angus Skirt (right)

2. Ee Chi Lu 이치류 – Premium Lamb (One Michelin Star Restaurant) -$$$

This restaurant only sits less than 20 people at a time and your whole party must be there to be seated. We ordered three different types of lamb (all which didn’t smell). The restaurant has lockers to put your jackets and purses while you consume delicious lamb. For three people, it costs around 125,000 wons.

Green tea with Japanese rice

3. BLT Steak – New York Steak Restaurant -$$$$

If you’re here for Seoul Fashion Week or just walking near the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, this is a quick walk for a lunch meeting at the JW Marriott Dongdaemun (JW Marriot has good dessert cafes upstairs and in the basement). For BLT Steak, let me just start off with their appetizers:

Most delicious egg bread
Plain butter with salt and Strawberry butter
Caesar Salad
Such fresh prawns

I usually prefer ribeye over filet mignon or New York steak but wow – this was one of the best steaks I’ve tasted (outside of California – The Cut and Playground 2.0 has pretty good steak).

New York Steak is perfect for two
Salt for your steak – favorite was Persian Blue
Mac & cheese and creamy spinach

The creamy spinach is the best I’ve tasted at a steak restaurant. Just wow.

Medium Rare New York Steak

4. Ee Jun Moon 이전문 – Hole in the wall specialized in fried fish – $

This hole in the wall restaurant was hard to find but definitely worth it. This restaurant is also walking distance to DDP and was probably one of my favorite restaurants I’ve tried this trip. They are known for their fresh and reasonable priced fried fish. For two, this meal costs around 30,000 wons.

Tuna with complimentary fish
Kimchi soup
Marinated pork

5. Random places for a quick bite

Brooklyn Burgers – best burgers (in Garosil)
Monster Pizza (in Hongdae)
Lamb skewers – there’s lamb everywhere
Fruit tart at JW Marriott (in Dongdaemun)
FRIED ICE CREAM! (in hongdae) *my favorite

Comment below which food you want to try the most. Now that I’m back in Los Angeles, it’s time for that diet…




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